[Plugin SDRSharp] JoySDR

Official Website for JoySDR plugin for SDRSharp


# Releases:

v (2021-03-05):

  • Initial release (tested against SDR# v1.0.0.1809)

# Download:


# SDRSharp Plugin Description

This plugin is made to tune to the radio with physical buttons and analog sticks. In this case, it is designed for use with
the XBox(TM) Gamepad (Xbox 360, XBox One/X wired & bluetooth & RF).
It allows you to control almost every important thing of SDRSharp with the gamepad, like frequency (with fine tune), audio gain, detector type, spectrum zoom, etc.

Video preview of first tests (some things are improved since I made the video) are available here.

# Installation:

Add this magicline to the Plugins.xml file or copy the zip file content into “plugins” folder of SDRSharp. Both ways will work.

<add key=”JoySDR” value=”SDRSharp.Plugin.JoySDR.JoySDRPlugin,SDRSharp.Plugin.JoySDR” />

# Copyright

Cjcr-Software (C) 2004-2021


I will update this page when new releases come out.