EBSpro Mobile for Android



EBSpro Mobile is an Android application that work together with EBSpro . It’s called EBSpro Mobile and is an app that will allow you to align your dish in the best possible way, that is, with a real DVB-S/2 tuner in the other side (in your computer).

For example, you can create some profiles in EBSpro (under Windows) with some specified transponders that you know, then, in EBSpro Mobile you can select and lock these transponders and align the dish with the help of the measurements (Quality, level, SNR, BER ..).

Also, have an option for tell you what’s the current SNR level (You don’t need to see the screen all the time!).

Thats not all, EBSpro Mobile also has got a basic positioner for motorized dishes with USALS support.


  • Android 2.1+ (phone, tablet …)
  • EBSpro 9.0+ for Windows (Registered version).
  • Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G.

Know issues


  • Changelog is available here.



P.S: Screenshots are from version 0.7 beta