[Windows] EBSpro v16.0.0.2 (changelog) Freeware – May 10, 2017




[Android] EBSpro Mobile v1.0 (changelog) – Feb 6, 2015




[iOS] EBSpro Mobile v2.5.0 – Jul 24, 2017 – Read more




Prof 7500 Driver (CrazyCat’s Patched driver)



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  • Vasilis Mitropoulos

    Hello and good afternoon !
    I own a galaxy S6 Edge, running EbsPro Mobile (the latest version) and i encounter 2 problems :

    1) I can’t access the Settings tab anymore !!! In Samsung Galaxy S6 the bottom left hardware button opens the device’s apps tab list ! EbsPro Mobile used to have a circle with 3 dots button in it so when i pressed it i could access the settings tab but this “circle” button has somehow dissappeared !! Any solution please ?? :/

    2) The transpoder list doesn’t load any transponders as of 2nd of May 2016 !! It used to work a week ago but no transpoders at the moment. Is there any problem ? Is it gonna be fixed ?? This means that i have to use the favourites transpoder list but without having my dish already pointing a satellite how can i manually add a transpoder into EBS Pro so i can use it afterwards in EBSPro Mobile and point the dish ? Hope i made my problem clear enough..

    Thank you in advance !

    • Cjcr


      1. What version of Android are you running? Can you show me a few screen captures of the problem?
      2. SatFeeds will be available again in the v15. I am doing some changes. Be patient, is on the way!


      • Vasilis Mitropoulos

        1. Marshmallow 6.0.1 on Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925F). I searched i bit deeper and it’s a version issue actually.. i solved it based on this thread from xda ( ) and also, long-pressing the “back” hardware key popups the “settings / exit” tab. So, it does the job !

        2. I updated my EBS Pro to the latest version alpha because i read on the faq of that the latest update requires a version of EBS Pro >= 15.x.x.x but still i can’t resolve the transponders’ info. I will attach a screenshot on this one to be precise. If you still want screenshots for the 1st issue (ebspro mobile) let me know 🙂

        Thank you very much for your time, your help and work is higly appreciated !!!

        • Cjcr

          1. Please, send me the screenshots of EBSpro mobile with the problem. It will help.
          2. We changed the URL of Satfeeds after the release of v15, so you need to wait until next version.

          Best regards.

  • Thomas

    Hello. Im using lg g4 and i Cant access settings tab too:(. I have to use ebs pro mobile with default settings. Any way to fix settings tab?

  • pavelzhor

    Do You also implement an application EBSpro Mobile for Windows 10 Phone?

  • Kaspersky internet security detect EBSpro v16.0.0.1 as Trojan.MSIL.Cryptczkh and delete it , although this not happen with EBSpro v16.0.0.0 .

    • Cjcr

      Yes, this is becouse I used in a tool to obfuscate software code, it was used in all versions except in v16.0.0.0. If you think that this may danger your computer or your data, please don’t use it.

      I’ll keep your post here. I won’t delete it.

      • CaptinKirk

        Trend micro now lists the site as malicious preventing users from downloading the software. They specifically list as the offending site. You might want to contact TrendMicro to get off of their malicious list. I dont see the trojan through Avast like reported earlier and the file and program is safe. It’s more like a false positive in the code.

        • Contact them and say its false detection sending this link _ .

      • I contact kaspersky and they reply :

        “it was a false detection. It will be fixed.
        Thank you for your help.”

        Best Regard .

        • Cjcr


          Best regards.

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  • Fanatico_PTY

    Google Chrome also sees it like a virus..