Some words …


As you know, some EBSpro related features like SatFeeds or even DVBHispano forum is turned off. Also the last update of EBSpro is dated 29th june of 2016 (almost six months now)

Well, this happened because some things happened in my life (some are good some are bad). I could say that I don’t have so much free time to dedicate for EBSpro, but this isn’t the main reason.

I will like to continue working on EBSpro like I did until now, but some things are against me. I hope you can understand my words.

I can’t say that EBSpro project is over, is too soon to say that.

P.S: No more licences for now, but this may change. I don’t know when and how yet.

Thank you and Merry Cjcrmas Christmas.