[HowTo] Create your own professional field meter with EBSpro

Yeah, portable too. You only need a few cheap components; old laptop with USB2.0, an USB DVB-S2 device (compatible with EBSpro, of course) and an Android phone (iPhone version also available).

If you already have all of these components, then you can create a cheap field meter but very functional.

If this isn’t your case and you’re thinking of buy a professional field meter for DVB-S, then may you want to think about this possibility before:

  • Buy a cheap laptop with USB 2.0 (around 150-200 Euro)
  • Buy a compatible USB device with DVB-S2 (around 70-250 Euro)
  • Buy a cheap mobile phone with Android (around 60-200 Euro)
  • EBSpro license (around 21 Euro)


Everything can cost around 330 Euros, but for sure you already have one of these devices, so the total cost will be reduced.


Hope you like the idea 🙂