EBSpro v18.0.0.0 (alpha) has been released

Hello guys!

Today I’m able to release an alpha version of v18. Isn’t finished and there are some things that I need to take a look that are in my to-do list, but I also no want to take more time.

I think is usable and enough stable for daily work, at least better than v17.


  • AV player in Signal Analyzer
  • Link-Margin support
  • New StreamReader.dll changes supported
  • Lot of fixes

Known issues

  • AVIRA Antivir is showing an alert. Seems that heuristic cause a false-positive with Installer (disable Avira, install and then enable it again)
  • Diseqc 1.0 don’t work as expected
  • SYNC losses count don’t work.
  • HD channels don’t play (just audio).
  • UHD/4k channels don’t play (at least in my computer) with the new AV player
  • War (the most known issue)