Finally, almost five months of work later, we have the final v18 ready to all!

Thanks to all the people that helped me with the report of bugs or with feature request. I did my best effort to make all happy, even I know that not all features you requested are in v18, but may be added in v19, so be patience.

Check the changelog for the changes in the v18.0.0.4 release (this one).

If you are happy with EBSpro and with the new release, a small donation will be very welcome!

Highlights for v18

  • A/V Player.
  • FFTscan support
  • Fast PLS code scan
  • Link Margin support
  • Fast TSA scanning
  • Support to blinscan with negative SNR and without signal lock
  • RFScan improvements
  • EBSpro Mobile improvements.
  • Fast Diseqc 1.2/USALS motor driving.
  • Bug fixing and improvements.
  • … much more!