EBSpro 14 has been released

Today is the day. A long time has been passed since last stable version but that doesn’t mean that the project is dead! is alive, more than ever 🙂

By the way, if you haven’t voted yet for your favorite feature, please do it here. It will help us to prioritize the things.


  • PIDs Management window (PID stats, bitrate, control, tei/cc errors,  and more!)
  • SmartTune support (This option it’s made to avoid to retune to the same frequency everytime that you want to work with it)
  • Lot of improvements in SidePanel Scanner (now also support the same popup menu of blindscan list with some special things)
  • Support for new vars for players.
  • PreBER support (you need a compatible device and ‘refresh transponder info’ turned on).
  • Support for new devices (thanks to crazycat)
  • And lot of fixes and improvements. Please check the changelog (from the v13.2.0.2 to the


  • You need to reconfigure Player X with new VLC command-line changes (Options -> Player X -> AutoConfig -> VLC)

Known issues