EBSpro 13 has been released

It has been a long way, but I am ready to show you what I did in the last months 🙂


  • Added SidePanel Scanner (it can work in live mode and also allow you add the desired transponders to the panel from the blindscan list).
  • Added  support to import scan-ranges from SatFeeds.info using our own algorithm.
  • Added support to launch external applications within EBSpro’s interface
  • Added a smart way to detect free memory slot for Diseqc 1.2 rotors to avoid to use the same gotoX position two or more times.
  • TSA.dll has been improved a lot!
  • Lots of bugs has been fixed
  • SmartUpdater Improved
  • … and much more! please check changelog from v13.0.0.0 to v13.0.0.2 to see all changes.

Known issues



ebspro_draganddrop ebspro_search ebspro_sidepanelscanner