EBSpro 12 has been released

The main goal with this version is fixing bugs here and there and improve some of the current features. But we also added some new things … that we can call features.

Please read the full changelog if you want to know more! 🙂

Special thanks to all the crazy guys who helped me to make this possible 🙂


  • New EBSpro Mobile API (and new EBSpro Mobile version for Android with some cool features like video streaming!)
  • Improved TSGrabber with support to record individual PIDs or a list of PIDs. Integrated with TSA.
  • Sort by Clarke’s belt option for profiles and satellite list!
  • TSA library has been improved a lot! Now is faster as a cheetah (yay! you can check our forum to see some real scenario tests)
  • Improved MIS support in DT Mode
  • Added PLS support  in DT Mode for some devices.
  • Partial support for TBS6983 (full support will come later on)
  • Lots of important fixes (especially in this release!). Please check full changelog for more details.

Known issues