EBSpro 12.4 has been released

On the track again: EBSpro has been released! yay!


  • General improvements in our blind scan engine to be more accurate.
  • Added/introduced new blind scan methods (alpha, beta, gamma, delta & epsilon).
  • Lots of bugs has been fixed
  • SmartUpdater Improved

Known issues




  • SatFeedTV

    Hi Cjcr,
    What means? Added/introduced new blind scan methods (alpha, beta, gamma, delta & epsilon).

    • Cjcr

      Hello SatFeedTV,

      Check out Ranges tab. There are a new thing called “method”. The 1-10 MHz are like the old way, but the new one is alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon. This works a bit different in some ways than the 1-10 MHz (step size) scan.

      For example, take a look at the screenshot in the post. This kind of results isn’t possible with the old scan method (1-10 MHz step size) but now is possible with Epsilon’s method (if you have a tbs6983 or tbs6908).

  • mahmoud


    any option for save Transponders to 2 path or more same time , example installed 2 dvbviewer or dvbviewer and dvbdream and need when finish blind Transponders save to both path or more
    thank you

    • Cjcr

      I’m sorry, but isn’t planned.

      • mahmoud

        difficult or what problem for make this option ?

        • Cjcr

          There are other features that has more priority right now.

          • mahmoud

            so please when you have time make it , a lot will like it I know that 🙂
            thank you for your effort

          • Cjcr

            Ok 🙂

          • mahmoud

            still no news about this option I hope you can do next days
            and another option it is for blind for 3 or 4 cards same time I think also will be very good choice if you think about it