[Android] EBSpro Mobile 1.1 has been released!

Hello there!

Almost three years from last version of EBSpro Mobile for Android … it’s time to give some love to it!

With this release, I just improve and fixed some of the things that I was hating since the day of the last release… but hey! it’s never too late!

I hope you like it.. visually is exacty the same, but it just works, we don’t need Material Design for everything!

Well, that’s all for now.

Here’s the changelog:

> 1.1 (stable) [24 nov 2017]

	- Added a button on Setup tab for open settings menu (this fix the problem with phones that don't have a menu button -almost all nowadays-)
	- New feature: Smart-Beep is an alert system that changes his sound frequency and rate based on the current signal.
	- Now beep can work based on Signal Level, Signal Quality or SNR (max 18dBm, but it can auto-adjust if is necessary). You can select the desired mode it in Settings.
	- Now shows the maximum SNR detected (it is restart every time you change the transponder or retune the selected one). Also, you can restart manually touching the MAX label.
	- Added an option to mute all sounds of EBSpro Mobile just touching the back button (hw button) one time. You can unmute the sound if you touch somewhere on the top of the screen.
	- Now, if you touch "Lock" label (the green/red label on the top) it performs a Retune.
	- Added an option to say "New record" (or what you want) using TTS when the signal reach the max SNR for a specific transponder. It should help to align the dish ;-)
	- Fixed a problem with beeper that stops working after a few beeps. Now works in a different way (for the reason maybe a new permission is necessary -mic recording-)
	- Fixed the Signal Lock/Signal lost TTS text doesn't work using latest versions of EBSpro for Windows. 
	- Updated controls to use the most recent controls based on the Android phone version.
	- Some minor fixes and improvements here and there. I also added some new bugs to fix later ;-)

	Note: This release required the protocol version (PV) 3. (EBSpro >=