After a long break … [Edited]

EBSpro v16 has been released …and now, it is freeware!
You can use it without any limit. Everywhere.

The things have been changed, so, I decided that this is the way to go now.
Your license key will still work in old versions, but after v16 (included) you don’t need to register it. It simply will work.

Not so much changes this time, but well, it includes great fixes and improvements … and also, a new feature that is in my to-do list looooong time ago.

Edit (feb 27, 2017):

Maybe you’re asking yourself why EBSpro is freeware now …
The main reason is time. I don’t have the free time that I had before, so I can’t offer the kind of support and updates like I did over the years …
So, to reduce costs and time that I need to dedicate to this, I removed SatFeeds and DVBHispano and also, the support and updates speed of EBSpro.
Doing this, now I can make EBSpro free of charge.
As you may know, this means less support and less updates. The donators have been enjoyined of this over the years, but the new users doesn’t have this now, at least not like the costumers.

Making the EBSpro project alive is what it matters now. I fight for it.


  • Now is freeware (all features unlocked)
  • Auto dish adjustment (beta) feature in positioner console
  • Fixes and improvements.


  • SatFeeds removed from EBSpro.

Known issues